How can I add a custom domain to a scroll kit ?

Hi there,

I'm gonna quickly explain : I can't add my own website's domain to a scroll kit. Apparently, in former questions of the same order, there used to be a functionality allowing that. But it doesn't exist any longer.

Is there any way to do it?



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Hi Anthony,

That functionality is available in different ways now.

1. You can use the wordpress plugin, if your site happens to be using wordpress. As far as I know, this only works with self-hosted (eg not

2. You can click "export code" under the 'settings' gear button in the toolbar. That will spit out three files in a zipped folder, one is your HTML, one is your CSS, and one is any JS necessary to make your effects and whatnot work. You can upload those files into the home directory of your domain, and boom, your scroll appears at that domain.

With option 2 you may have to do some tweaking. I found that I had to manually add the code for any Google Fonts I wanted to use into the header of the Index file. If that sounds too complicated then I would recommend using the wordpress plugin, which makes it super easy to publish scrolls as posts/pages.

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