How to embed a full screen image?

How can I place an image so that it spans the full width of the screen? I've tried dragging the handles off either side, but the image still does not extend to the edge. Is there a way to "code" this?


My goal is to have the hills extend to the edges of the screen. See the gap on the sides? That's the problem.


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Instead of placing the image as an object within a scroll, add the image as a background image using the bg tool (paint roller button).

The image will fill the full width of the screen, or if it is too small/low res for the screen you're viewing on, it will tile horizontally to fill the space.

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I want to apply the parallax effects to the full width object using scrollr. So, for the example scroll ( I want the hills to move independently of the textured background as you scroll down. I do not believe this is possible if I set the hills as a background object.

Thanks for the suggestion though.


I think Chase Suggestion could work out, just prepare the image in photoshop and make it wide enough that it will fit 15inch displays but also 24 inch displays etc.


Workaround: sometimes I change the size of my browser window so that it is really wide, than I can ensure to e.g. draw an object which has no visibile borders for the user of the page as it is just out of reach for normal window sizes. 



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