Hello, can anyone direct me to a manual of how to create a video background?

What is h264 source - I uploaded it on ftp but i am not sure I put the right link.. it doesnt show in scroll kit and wordpress. Thank you! 

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all you need to do is drop in a .mp4 link into the background. use this as a test: http://gearpatrol.gravlab.net/00B702/editorial/porsche-driving-road.mp4

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Thank you Cody!! Its working :)

How did you create a mp4 link? :) Thanks so much!

Sorry, could you please spell this out a little more? what exactly do you paste for the source code?



ah. yes. WP will strip it out. to get it back in, all you need to do is install this video plugin.



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Works perfect!! THANK YOU!

I've been trying this for a while and just figured out I can't add plugins to my site. Is there any other way to create a MP.4 link?

For me, it works very well in the scroll kit page, but not when integrated in my wordpress blog (with the plugin) :(

In WP, the video doesn't even show (I have a line with raw html code instead)

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