Using a Scroll Kit page with my database

Hi there - 

This is the project I'm working on - a 5,200+ database of "good movies":

As you can see from the URL, SILENT RUNNING is title 2,247 of the total database. How I have it set up, if you click on the link at the top of the page, it will extract another title from the database, at random.

Over time, I hope to give each page a much more elegant, yet uniform, appearance. As I'm not a designer or a coder (all developing and coding is done by freelancers), I was hoping SOMEONE SOMEWHERE would create a user-friendly, web-based platform to make my life easier.

Which brings me here.

In my free time, I messed around a little and decided the page format would be kind of like this (very rough draft missing several elements):

The question I have... well, how can I make this easy? That is, I find the images, write all the content, that's (kind of) the easy part, but I'm stumped when it comes to linking what will amount to 5,200+ scrolls to 5,200+ items in my PHP database... 


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