Spacing looks good on desktop but is off on mobile

Hi all - 

I've been working on a scroll -

The questions are spaced correctly for me on desktop, but whenever I look at it on mobile, a few of the questions get moved down and overlapped onto the answer.

The questions are separate from the answers in the paragraph because I like having them in different colors. 

Any ideas?

The problem questions for me on mobile are:

Who did you look up to back then?

Are you cocky? Do you think anyone can beat you?

Who are the favorites for your discipline/

Do you think your loose personality is something...

Do you think about your legacy in skiing?


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Shane, this is a nice scroll. Sometimes you gotta re-write text over again. Try giving some more spacing as well. Don't know why, but I had the same issue, and it worked when I re-wrote (or re-pasted) everything. That is why it is important for you to review your scroll in different platforms and different browsers. 

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