How to get elements to stay fixed in relationship to each other when viewing on different screen sizes?

After creating a scroll kit on my laptop screen, I opened it on a wider screen mac desktop computer and all the elements of the page looked like they were in different places on that screen than on my smalled laptop screen. Basically, it seems that the elements are fixed on the webpage, but they are not fixed in relationship to each other. For example, a text box that I had all the way to the left on my laptop screen looked like it was in the middle of the page on the desktop screen. Is there a way to fix this so what I see on one screen is the same on the next?


Thanks for the help!

A student eager to use scrollkit for a project

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I am having the same issue. Between different monitor sizes and different browsers, even simple items are not the right dimension. Any progress on this? It would be great if the strips could be responsive to different window sizes.



another eager student working on a class project

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I'm having the same problem, actually. When viewed at different resolutions, the scroll isn't lining up right, even between Macbooks of different sizes.

Here's a link to mine:

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@ Cody

Thanks for the help!

Here's a link to the scroll:

Let me know if you need anything else.

Again, I appreciate you taking a look.

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skollr effects are not set to work on the phone. we have it this way because the mobile browser hasn't gotten to a point where it can render these effects smoothly. things though, should line up properly. post a link to your scroll and I'll check it out.

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hey grace. thanks for bringing this to our attention. it shouldn't work that way. can you share the link to your scroll? I'll take a look.

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I don't have an answer, I noticed this same issue in viewing a scroll on a macbook air and then an iMac. This is especially true with scrollr effects that do not line up properly on different screens and don't work on mobile or tablet as far as I can tell.

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