Scroll Effects not working on wordpress site

Looking to see if others are having issues with scroll effects not working on their wordpress site through the plugin.

It works great on scroll kit but doesn't work when looking on the actual site we are posting it on.

Any help would be great.



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hey jonathan, can you give me a link to the scroll in WP and the regular sk link?

Also, are all of the effects not working orj ust some?


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Thanks for your quick response Cody.

Here is the SK link:

Here is the wordpress test link (this will change):

All effects are not working.



I was able to get the animations to work on my wp install: do you have the most up to date versions of both wordpress and the sk plugin? my only other thought is that you have a plugin of some kind that is neutralizing skrollr. try deactivating some and see if that works.

sidenote. THE SCROLL LOOKS AMAZING. I think it actually looks better w/ just the full frame image animation. we'll continue to look into this.

let me know if any of those suggestions work.


We are running WP 3.6.1 and SK 0.115 for both our test site and our live site.

I did notice on your test site that some of the words were cut off which isn't showing on our site. Just want to make sure that doesn't happen randomly.

I'll deactivate plugins and let you know what I find. As we have 35 plugins, would there be certain type of plugin that I should look for that would inhibit the Skrollr?

What do you mean exactly by "Full Frame Image Animation"?



Hi guys, how did you make it work at the end? I have the same issue. Thank you!