Scroll kit doesn't allow me to place elements in Chrome for Mac

Hi, I'm using Chrome for Mac, and I was puttering along on a scroll -- but then, Scrollkit stopped allowing me to drop items onto the scroll.  For instance, if I click the "Text" button, I see my cursor with the little text box hanging from it, ready for me to place, but no matter where I move my cursor to or how many times I click, nothing happens.  Same thing with photos.  

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Also: here's what I did immediately before this behavior: I selected a bunch of items on the scroll at once and moved them down, at the same time extending the length of the scroll to make room for some content in the middle.

I never had this issue. Maybe Chrome was updated with other features.

My tip to you is that you try Safari instead, that is what I use and never had problems.

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I'm having the same issue now. Also on Mac with Chrome.

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