Using Scrollkit as a Wordpress Plugin - Trouble with iFrame

Since I did not suceed in linking my bough domains to the scrollkit site, I am trying to achieve similar results with scrollkit wordpress plugin.


However: The iFrame for soundcloud seems to be not working when using wordpress.


Does anybody know why and how to fix it?


Cheers :)

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Hah! First of all, awesome scroll.

You just need to enable the WordPress iframe plugin


Any time you see something like [iframe....] on WordPress, that first word in the [] corresponds to a WordPress shortcode and you need to install the plugin that uses that shortcode.

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Thank you !

Once Again Kate: Thanks a ton!

Now it works out pretty neat :)

Will post every X days a new song i like with that concept of making visuals through scrolling.

Kinda: Scroll and Rave! 


One feedback point there:

When I use scrollr effects the list gets quite long for such a site, at some point I cannot click the apply button anymore as it appears out of sight (list gets too long). 

Maybe its possible to make a list which you can scroll so that this does not happen. 

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