ScrollKit appears to be completely broken.

When I try to add text, shapes or images it will either take multiple clicks to get it to place or the the whole page will highlight and won't allow me to place anything.

The Scrollr effect either works once every twelve tries or not at all and sometimes completely deletes the code for no apparent reason.

ScrollKit doesn't appear to be saving anything, once I click done and paste the URL into a tab it will just show a white screen as if I've done nothing but the edit window will still shows the work done.

I've tried to use both Chrome and Firefox browsers but both issues are still present.

I don't know if this is a client side issue or if something on my browser is conflicting with the scroll kits website but I'm out of ideas.

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I was not able to replicate these issues.

one potential issue that has affected others before, are you using an external monitor? this, for some reason, can sometimes lead to problems.

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No I'm on a dell laptop, but I tried to do it on a mac as well and I was presented with the same issues.