Failed to save whole day

Trying to save some changes, I spend today in clicking "Done". 9 hours of "failed to save". What can I do? I need to sleep but I should send a link to the project to my tutor((((

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Hi Oksana and Cody,

I have the same problem since few days. Every time I save after adding a background, lengthening the length of a strip, I have an error message "failed to save". Actually, I have only 2 pictures on background and text. Is it a problem with image size (around 500-700 ko in 72dpi)? Is there a storage limit for images, videos, sound ? And now, it happens just after log in on my scroll without change anything… Thanks for your help.


I didn't solve the problem and could not to find a solution((

Hi Oksana,

If you work on a Mac, did you try to use Firefox and not Safari? I had the problem as you. But after change from  Safari to Firefox, now, everything is ok and I can save my work.


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I use Chrome - problem is still here I'll try to install FF just for experiment, thanks

Try to open your published work either on Safari, Chrome and Firefox, you will see if there are difference/problem. You're welcome

Installed FF especially for the case. It is the same problem, but in FF there is no sign "failed to save" of 23 minutes

Cody, sorry, but it is the same 

I tryed to put less objects or less strips - it still "failed to save"

I tryed to copy - the copy has the same problem

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I found the problem for me. I f you have a Mac, don't use Safari but prefer Firefox.

I hope that it will solve your problem


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Hi, Cody

I have saved often. It became frozen with the last two strips. 

What should I do? Should I close it and try to recreate two strips tomorrow? 

I tried to do this - close browser, restart laptop, but it still failed to save

We do multimedia case - with interactive infographics and video, so screenshot is good idea but not enough)))

Thanks anyway


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what is the url to the scroll?

something you can also try to do is copy the scroll. you do that by adding /copy to the end of the url then refreshing.


done. the same problem. Tried to edit my other scrolls - the same Failed to save.

hey oksana. I'm sorry you're having trouble. sometimes it will stall on a save and the best way to handle this is to save often throughout your work.

If you have to send something to your tutor and you can't get it to save, something you can do is take a screenshot of your work. that way you can show your tutor the progress and be able to recreate your work easier in a refresh.

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The second day. The same problem. I'm shocked