Saving fails again and again

Hey, I've embedded an iFrame vid and coded autoplay="false" and now my scroll won't save. It hasn't been able to FOR AN ENTIRE 24 HOURS. I've tried saving other scrolls and that has worked so there must be something that your engine won't parse. But such unexplained failures are a dent in the trust I am willing to put into your web-based suite.

I LOVE your concept, but you have to make it so that it does what it says on the box. Extremely frustrating as you'll understand.

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I'm on a Mac and a PC. Using Chrome on both. 

I've now tried Chrome on both, still no effect.

I've just tried IEX and that doesn't even want to fully load my scroll.



Now on Firefox on a PC, it did save but the iFrame is not saving my autoplay="false".

This means I can embed video, but it starts playing as soon as someone opens the page, which is annoying... how should we encode iFrame videos? Why won't it allow autoplay="false" ?

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Hi Boris,

If you work on a Mac, did you try to use Firefox and not Safari? I had the problem as you. But after change from  Safari to Firefox, now, everything is ok and I can save my work.

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Does it mean that uses who will see my project also should have FF?

Installed. Firefox does not save at all (no sign "Failed to save", no saving(((((