How to add images ?

Hi everyone,

I am new on Scrollkit and I am trying to set up my first page. But I don't manage to add any image. When I upload a picture, it just doesn't appear on the screen and when I take a featured image, it also doesn't work...

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I have encountered that problem a couple of times as well.

Are your images over 2mb? If so you may have a hard time uploading them. Try shrinking them and reuploading. You should be able to do that without noticable loss of quality.

Try saving, logging out of scroll kit, logging back in, and grabbing images out of "your gallery" instead of trying to upload again.

Try copying a scroll from "your scrolls" and adding images into the new scroll. I have had a few incidents where an individual scroll was acting wonky, and creating a copy of it made everything work again.

If none of that works, I'd say continue posting details of the problem here, especially your browser and version number, and I'm sure Cody and Kate will look into the issue.

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