Dreamweaver compatibility

Are scroll kit pages compatible with dreamweaver? For instance, if I had an existing web site I had created through dreamweaver, is there any way I could upload a scroll kit page for each existing web page? Would appreciate any help or suggestions!

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Hi Elise,

You're able to download all of the code for your scrolls by clicking "export code" under the settings gear in the toolbar. From there, you should be able to chop up that code using any editor you want, and upload it as individual pages in your website as needed.

If you're looking to use scrollkit to remake a large portion of your website, I might recommend just switching to wordpress and using the scrollkit plugin.

I don't use Dreamweaver so I can't say much about compatibility there, but I think once you have the code as exported from scroll kit you should be able to play with it using any kind of text editor/ website building tool.

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