Saving Never Works

Apologies for asking the same question again. Its a great tool and can do amazing things, but this is all pointless if it cannot be saved.

I've tried Safari, Chrome, IE and Firefox, on a Mac and on Windows. Haven't been able to save for three days, and my work is starting to seem like a waste of time.

Is there any workaround at all, or anything remotely approaching a solution? Its quite a major flaw but there seems to have been silence on it for a few months.

I would like to stress however how amazing a tool it is...just makes the lack of saving even more frustrating...

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Thanks, I had heard but was unaware of the extent to which the service would be affected.

I hope it will thrive under Wordpress

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Winston, in case you hadn't heard: ScrollKit was bought by Wordpress. The service is being deprecated. So, no new scrolls can be saved. You have until Oct. 31 to export any scrolls you've created. I'm not aware of any alternatives that have a graphical/WYSIWIG interface, or don't require some intermediate knowledge of web development.

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