How do I connect a custom domain to my scrollkit site?

I know someone has already asked this question but there was no answer - trying to connect this scrollkit page to a domain I own and it keeps saying it's encountered an error:

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I have the same issue on mine. Did you solve it? 

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There are a couple of different ways you can do this.  If your website is made with Wordpress, you can use the scroll kit Wordpress plugin to easily make any blog post or page on your site point to that scroll.

If you aren't using Wordpress you will have to use the domain name services through your domain registrar to change the "A Records" of your domain to point to scroll kit.

The A Records you should use can be found here:

Then you go into edit mode on the scroll you want to use with the domain, and click the settings button (gear icon) in the toolbar. Check "use a domain you already own" and "add a new domain" and just type it into the field that pops up and hit "connect domain"

After that you should be all set, although DNS propagation isn't always instantaneous. If it still doesn't work after a day or so, drop another message in this question thread and I'll see what else I can figure out for you.


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Up ! i don't see "use a domain you already own" and "add a new domain" in my settings ! How can I connect my scrolls with subdomains I own? It's urgent !

Same here, I don`t see in my scrolls stettings "use a domain you already own" or something like that

Is there no update from scrollkit? This option seems to have disappeared from the settings menu.