Moving objects between strips

I am finding that many objects, shapes, text boxes and uploaded images are not ending up on the strips where I want them. Is there any way to move objects between strips, or do I need to reupload them?

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You cant, you need to extend the strip instead of trying to move it within strips. It wont let you. 

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How about sticky navigation menu?

I believe you cannot drag and drop objects between strips.

That doesn't mean that you have to reupload pictures, however. Once you upload a picture, it is accessible in "your gallery" by clicking the "add image" button in the toolbar. Clicking an image in your gallery will grab it, and then you can drop it in the desired strip.

For text boxes, copy-and-pasting the text into a new box in the desired strip works, but is kind of annoying, especially if you're working with several different typefaces.

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