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I note that there are a number of open questions on this subject, but it's mystifying me. I can only assume it's an API issue, or at least ScrollKit-server-related.

I've been intermittently unable to save since yesterday, Initially if I refreshed a tab with the problem scroll in it I could then save in the tab I was working in. This stopped working this afternoon.

I've tested all sorts of conditions, from making complex edits to extremely simple ones and there is no pattern that I can see, unless there's something in the scroll that's the problem - but I've tried with several scrolls with no luck.

It's a bit of a deal-breaker at the moment, and a great pity. It would be great if someone from the ScrollKit team could address this, even just to let us know that there is an issue.

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Hi, I experienced the same problem today. When I tried to save with Firefox, it won't give me that 'changes saved' tab; on Chrome, it gives me the 'Something went wrong' error message. But when I open my other scrolls, make a little edit and try to save them, it saves immediately.

Thanks for sharing this Fergus. We know this is an issue that you and others have run into. It's a bit mystifying to us as well but we are looking into it and we will report back in this thread what we find. I can't say when that will be because we don't know the full scope of the problem but we are investigating. Thank you for your patience. 

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Thanks Cody Brown . It's somewhat reassuring that I'm not going mad (although driven slightly demented by this issue!). I'll say it again – you've got a really great tool here, and I hope you can get things smoothed out soon. It's rapidly replacing Adobe Edge Animate in my toolkit.

Cody Brown Still having this issue on http://www.scrollkit.com/s/cmKL6YM . Tried getting round it by duplicating the scroll to http://www.scrollkit.com/s/O1OMbDC but this threw up a new issue - Google Fonts usage (Fjalla One) refused to copy

Hey Fergus. Try selecting the text then entering the font again. sometimes it just needs to be applied on more time.

Nope Cody Brown, that didn't work. (Still can't save BTW but I'm trying not to pester ;~))

Both of the issues above seem to have resolved themselves (just in time for me!) Cody Brown. Did you make changes? Should I mark this as answered?

But it save in Windows XP, Firefox 28.

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I have the same problem, the message "Unable to save, try again in few minutes".

This happens everytime after I paste text in text strip.

I'm using Linux Mint 16, Firefox 28.

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