Can't use Existing Scroll in Wordpress Plugin

I installed the Wordpress plugin and am having problems Using An Existing Scroll.

What works:

1. Creating a new scroll by clicking the "Convert" Button.

2. This creates a new scroll that I can see in my scroll kit admin area.

What doesn't work:

1. Click the "Use Existing Scroll" button

2. A popup shows that says "Use Existing Scroll". It has an input field with a URL in it, and a "Load Scroll" button.

3. Click the "Load Scroll" button.

4. A new page is shown that gives this error: "There was an error with the scrollkit URL or ID provided"

Can someone help?

I am using Wordpress 3.8.1 Network Install and the Scroll Kit plugin 0.115.

I get the error when the plugin is activated network-wide and also when it is activated on just one site in the network.

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Have you added your scrollkit API in settings yet?

Settings > Scroll Kit: Click "Get an API key".

One you have that plug it in and save. This could be the potential problem.

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Yes, I have added the API key.