Wordpress loading blank Scroll Kits


I am currently testing out the Scroll Kit for wordpress plugin on my testserver. I've succesfully installed the plugin and I even get the option to "Scroll Kit" a post. Yet, whenever I link any of my Scroll Kits to a wordpress post, it won't load. All I get is a blank page. I have entered the API key, however I left all the other fields in the settings section of the plugin blank. What am I missing?

The plugin looks really promising, and I'd like to produce all my posts in scrollkit, but there's so little information about the Scroll Kit WP plugin so far. All I can find is a few questions asked along with some answers on this website. Which means I'm stuck. 

By the way, you can see the scrollkit I've been using to test my WP out (beware, it's Dutch) over here: https://www.scrollkit.com/s/gyxCcTx

I am testing it locally, and I made my testhost inaccessible for anything besides my LAN network, so I can't show you what it looks like. Imagine a freshly installed WP along with the iFrame & Scroll Kit plugins. When suddenly, a blank page. 

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I fixed it right now by using an Iframe within my wordpress post. The iframe being the scrollkit. It's not the prettiest (or best) solution I guess, but at least it works. After some tweaking with the css it looks good, I stay on my website and keep the comments section. 

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