Video not rendering on mobile

A few weeks ago, I was testing a scroll with a video placed via iframe. I used an <object> embed and was pleased that it worked on both desktop and mobile. I recently tried the same for my production scroll, and it didn't work; on submit, it would accept the <object> but only render a cut-off view of the video thumbnail and when I attempt to resize the iframe window or click away from it, the whole thing disappears. So, I set up the <object> on a static html file hosted on my own server and then pulled that in through the iframe. This works on desktop, but I get a blank spot on the scroll when viewed via mobile. (I also took a long shot and created a Javascript embed, hosted elsewhere, as well as exporting the scroll code and swapping out both <object> and javascript versions, all to no avail.)

Really hoping to get this working on mobile -- help?!?

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hey reid. we'll look into what's going wrong here. in the meantime. this should work if you upload the video to youtube and drop it in w/ the youtube lego.


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