How to create a video background?

So I see dialogue boxes with fields for H264 and WebM video on the background selection, but there doesn't seem to be a file upload and source links to hosted video don't seem to work. What to do?

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N/m, figured this out. It appears you need to save, then close the editor and view the scroll on the front end. The background videos aren't visible in the editor. It also looks like videos as background do not render on mobile.

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Hey Reid, I'm having a similar problem, what exactly do I have to type into those dialogue boxes once I have the H264 video saved on my computer?

I was only able to get it to work by hosting the file online. I FTP'd it to my site and entered that URL into the background video editor dialogue. If you don't have access to a web server, you might using Dropbox or a similar service.




Unfortunatelly, I tried a link on dropbox but it's not working. Where should I put the link in the background video editor dialogue ? H264 source ? WebM ? Thx for your answer.