How do I create pages?

How do I create pages for the website? Or, maybe, this leads also to the answer I'm looking for: What is a strip? Thanks!

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Another great way to use scroll kit for design while still keeping a traditional page hierarchy for your site is the Wordpress plug in. That allows you to make any page or blog post on wordpress into a scroll, so you have the ease-of-use of scroll kit and the organizational powers of the WP CMS.

If you're trying to build a fairly traditionally structured website and just use scroll kit as a layout tool, Wordpress plugin is absolutely your best option.

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A stripe is a part of the site, different stripes might e.g. have different backgrounds.

You can jump to a stripe when connecting different stripes via links, than you click on the linked element and it will automatically scroll down to the stripe you connected it wih.


Scrollkit does not feature "pages" in the way you might look for, as it is build being one "long" page that you can scroll horizontically.

But I guess there might be a workaround for you :) :

You can e.g. include a link to another scrollkit site. Than you can work with different pages. 



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