position:fixed elements keep moving?

I've built a quick replacement for my website, but I can't seem to get the header bar I've created to stay in the correct place. The bar shape itself, along with all the text moves to the left. 

I've added z-index:999; to the header and 1000 to all the elements placed on top but still it zooms across when I view it. 

I saw there are similar topics on here but they don't seem to answer the question.

Am i missing something?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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hey. so the simple fix for this is to make the strip fixed instead of an element on a strip. check it out here:




you can copy it to see what I did: http://www.scrollkit.com/s/SD7rQRL/copy


height:136px;background:#ffffff; background-color:rgb(255,255, 255);position: fixed;width:100%;z-index:100000000;

hope that helps.


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Thanks so much! it works

Happened to me as well!


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surely someone has found an answer