Getting WordPress Menu Functional with ScrollKit Plugin

I've been really enjoying ScrollKit and although I think I am almost getting it to a functional point of my website, I've hit a roadblock.

The menu on the left side of my website (a part of my WordPress theme) won't function.  Typically, when I press the square on the lefthand side, the menu will pop open.  Is there any way to get this functionality back?

here is my site:


Thank you!

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Hi - it seems like you got the menu working. Can you share what you did? I'm having a similar issue - my menu is at the top of my page.

Hey Aaron! It's a little complicated and very dependent on the theme you use in WordPress. I sat down with a friend for a few hours yesterday and we actually had to hack the code in order to make it work. If you have an HTML/Coder friend, I can send you the code that I used (but it will vary by theme). The key is the update the ScrollKit template HTML. OR, if your menu is all in the header, go to "ScrollKit Settings" and then edit the code for the header.