@font-face and Scrollkit

Is there any way to add custom fonts via @font-face? I need to use custom fonts on a WordPress project. Can I edit the CSS files directly anywhere?

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Scratch that - think I just found it! Nope, didn't work: Tried adding <link href="http://linktomy@font-face/stylesheet.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"> without success. I can use the font in the editor, it just won't hold. All a bit odd.

hey fergus. you can use any of google's 500+ fonts. just drop in the name and it will automatically bring it from Google. www.google.com/fonts

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Thanks Cody Brown - that's what I've resorted to. I'm just being a bit too smart for my own good!

FYI, I was trying to use League Gothic, referencing the webfont on my own server. Your editor is clever enough to use the font when I named it in the Google Font box, because it's installed on my machine, but not quite clever enough to translate that to the web.

I was hoping that there'd then be an easy way to convert the auto-generated Google Font reference to an @font-face reference but to no avail. It would be a really useful option - if you had a feature-suggest I'd suggest it.

Fantastic piece of kit you've built here by the way, I'd be happy to pay for it. It's a great story-telling tool (even if I'm using it for marketing rather than journalism). Been following yourself and Kate's adventures in coding since pre-Kommons days wondering where you'd go next …