I am new here. Are there any video tutorials for ScrollKit?

This tool is really cool, but I am not a technical person, and after spending some time on ScrollKit I was unable to do anything meaningful. Some structured video tutorials would come pretty handy. Where can I find them, if any?

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For true beginners, here's a fun step by step introduction to using scroll kit. This isn't a video, and it was not produced by scroll kit's founders, but I think that gives a nice outside perspective on how to get started with scroll kit.


There's not really a general "How to Use Scroll Kit" tutorial video, but they've put out a few for specific effects within scroll kit.

Parallax Scrolling Effects Tutorial w/ Kate Ray:


In Page Linking (aka creating links that just scroll you a new location further down the same page):


Fixed Image Background tutorial with Kate Ray: 


Here's a link to scroll kit's youtube channel, where all their tutorials are hosted, as well as some of their sweet promotional videos from last year: 



Edited...apparently hyperlinks don't work in quandora(?!) so you will have to copy/paste the URLs to get to the tutorials.


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We're working on one! Stay tuned...

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