How do I connect a custom domain to my scrollkit site?

Hello, I bought a domain via as they do have a template for the custom domain. I have url forwarding on masked and have the DNS setting.

When I try to connect the domain on the scrollkit site by entering it doesnt work, nothing happens. 

also doesnt work. 


DNS Propagation should be over (1 week). 


I guess its a bug, tried it on several macs already, didnt work.

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I'm also trying to find a solution for this - any luck getting any answers?

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Hey there Robin, I did not receive an answer in this matter, at some point it just worked without me knowing why. Maybe Kate can help to figure out the problem? I think back than she did something so that it worked, but I dont know what, thats why I stopped buying domains for my projects. I also would like to connect some additional domains to projects but dont know how to (as the tutorial for it does not get me to where I want).

Suddenly it is connected. Did you help me out here Kate?

Well thank thanks a lot :)

However: I have 2 other domains that I am trying to connect with sepperate scrollkit sites, what is the solution? 




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