Custom Domain error message and mobile version is weird

Two questions:

1. All I get when trying to connect our custoim domain is a useless error message. I've pointed the A files in the right direction, set up a subdomain. Enter all the info, then ScrollKit gives me an unspecific error message.  It's been doing it for days. (I'm getting bored with trying the same things over and over. Any new ideas will be appreciated.)

2. When I look at the scroll on an Android device, there appears to to be a wrapping issue or something. The last letter from a few words bounce down to the next line. Some are likely because the text frames run outside the mobile safe zones, but not all of them. I don't even know where to begin fixing this one.


So what am I doing wrong? I'm ready to take my medicine. I just need this dang thing to work by Friday, or I'll have to scrap this project for just another crummy page on our website.

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